Case Study: Andy Warhol’s San Diego Surf

The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh has recently announced that a never before seen film by the artist will make it’s world premiere this October. The 16mm film, San Diego Surf, will premiere at the Museum of Modern Art this October, and then shown again for a week in January 2013.

Shot in late spring of 1968 in La Jolla, California the 90-minute film centres around a married couple who rent out their beach house to a group of surfers, and features an ensemble cast of Warhol Superstars including Viva, Taylor Mead, Louis Waldon, Joe Dallesandro, Tom Hompertz, Ingrid Superstar, Eric Emerson, and Nawana Davis.

San Diego Surf
October 16, 2012 & January 23-28, 2012
The Museum of Modern Art
1 West 53rd St
New York, NY

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