Case Study: Art Fair Expense Breakdown

Artinfo published a breakdown of some of the various expenses associated with participation in an art fair, comparing booth prices for several events (the upcoming Toronto Art Fair not included) along with estimated costs for things like hotels, airfare, and art shipping costs. The resulting figures are, like anything else to do with contemporary art, staggering, but unsurprising. For an up-and-coming artist or gallery, is the exposure garnered through participation in an art fair worth the hefty price tag?

Read on for the full write up, courtesy of Artinfo.

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In Art + Auction’s survey of the event-driven art market, “What’s an Art Fair Worth?,” we endeavor to determine exactly how much money gallerists spend on art fairs and what these different events cost. From more than two dozen gallery submissions, we estimated the average booth price of a wide range of art fairs. Those findings — alongside a case study for one gallery’s Art Basel budget — are below.


TEFAF Maastricht: $60,000

Art Basel: $58,000

Art Basel Miami Beach: $55,000

Frieze London: $45,000

The Armory Show: $35,000

Salon of Art + Design: $35,000

Expo Chicago: $30,000

ADAA’s The Art Show (New York): $26,000

Dallas Art Fair: $17,500

Independent (New York): $12,000

NADA Miami: $10,000

Outsider Art Fair (New York): $9,000

Art Berlin Contemporary: $4,800


Booth: $58,000

Walls and lights: $10,500

Flights and shipping: $30,000

Hotels: $14,400

Food: $7,000

Local car transport: $650

Furniture rental for booth: $1,900

Misc. supplies: $100

TOTAL: $122,550

— Julia Halperin

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