Case Study: Damien Hirst’s New Site Features 24 Hour Live Streaming Video

Damien Hirst has just launched a revamped version of his website, now featuring 24-hour live streaming video from his studio with two interchangeable camera angles. Although it’s pretty neat to have a glimpse into the creative factory of one of the highest-earning visual artists on the planet, it would be a somewhat more interesting experience were Hirst to make a cameo or two. It’s no secret that he employs a small army of assistants to put his work together, but it’s still fair for one to assume that he would attempt to visit his own studio or perhaps even work on one of his pieces, if only for the cameras. However, in an article in the Speakeasy section of the Wall Street Journal, they mention that viewer feedback has stated consistently that only miscellaneous assistants have made appearances in the live stream so far.

Click here to see for yourself; perhaps you’ll be the first to spot the elusive Mr. Hirst!

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