Case Study: iPhone Art Fair in Los Angeles

The lasting legacy of Steve Jobs extends deeply into the visual arts. For decades now, the Mac computer has unleashed and enhanced the visionary qualities of artists working in film, music, painting and photography. But with the launch of the iPhone in 2007, the ability to be spontaneously and powerfully creative has been overwhelmingly pervasive and has gushed into the mainstream. By some estimates, more than 200 million iPhones have been sold. With each app-enhanced device packing superior computing ability practically tailored artistic purposes, many millions of people who previously neglected their creative impulses now dedicate chunks of their day to creating digital masterpieces.

One reflection of this phenomenon is the Los Angeles Mobile Arts Festival which kicked off last weekend at the Santa Monica Art Studios. Showcasing more than 600 pieces, all of the works displayed were created on mobile device, the vast majority of which produced on iPhones. In addition to photography, more than 100 of the works are digital paintings.

According to, the organization hosting the festival, more than 225 artists from 30 countries are participating in the festival. They claim this is the largest exhibition of iPhone art to date.

By Randy Gladman for The Ministry of Artistic Affairs.

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