Case Study: The Gallery of Lost Art

Art meets intrigue at The Gallery of Lost Art, the latest project recently launched by the Tate. From Kahlo’s missing painting The Wounded Table to de Kooning’s erased Untitled drawing, the online exhibition  features art pieces enshrouded in mystery, mishaps and misfortunes. Like the pieces in the exhibit, the website itself will also disappear, scheduled to be taken offline in a year.

Read on for information about the project and a link to the site.

The brilliantly designed website’s main page presents an aerial view of the “gallery” space, wherein the pieces are organized by what happened to them (stolen, erased, unrealised, etc.). Users virtually explore the gallery by mousing over a piece that interests them, at which point they are then able to read an essay detailing the mystery behind the piece.

The gallery initially featured 20 pieces at it’s launch on July 2, and a new piece is scheduled to be added each week for the next six months until the exhibition is complete. The gallery was designed by digital studio ISO and produced in partnership with Channel 4.

Visit The Gallery of Lost Art by clicking here.

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