Exhibit: Panic Room by Tilt

French graffiti artist Tilt has taken his work indoors, completely transforming one half of a room at the Au Vieux Panier hotel in Marseilles, France. Panic Room is one of six suites in the hotel, all of which are regularly redecorated by different artists.

See more photos of the room after the jump, as well as an interview with the artist, courtesy of Dezeen magazine.

“For the little story, I did an installation at Celal gallery in Paris last year where I recreated an old hotel room in the basement of the gallery and “destroyed” it with tags and throw ups (rounded letters made quickly).

I come from the most classic Graffiti culture and I love from the beginning, walls, trains, gates, roof tops full of tags. I think it shows the energy of a city and how some people decide to enjoy their public domain.

When Jess the owner of “Au vieux panier” ask me to do that room, I first told her that I wasn’t interested doing just decoration in the room but I wanted to create something that will more like an installation.

I thought about it also like a huge canvas where I needed to think about the composition and play with the empty white part of the room to accentuate more the idea of Chaos on the other part.

Then I asked my friend Tober who gat a great old school style for tags, Grizz who is also the man behind the camera (he’s also done a video of that project that will come out soon) and Don Cho who is a Hip Hop singer from Marseille but who used to be a tagger from my home town Toulouse.

It took one week to do the whole thing cause the idea was to exaggerate what you can usually see in some abandoned places. Too much tags, too much drips, too much sentences, too much throw ups, too much drips…

What I also wanted to show is that people can appreciate any type of graffiti, even the more basic, the ” ugliest , it s just a matter of point of view…”

Originally posted on Dezeen magazine’s blog on March 5, 2012

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