Exhibition: Damien Hirst at Tate Modern (LONDON)

One of the most controversial (or at least, talked about) artists of our day, Damien Hirst‘s merit as an artist is highly debatable. What is not, however, is his marvellous ability at being his own hype man, and generating discussion surrounding him and his art practice. It seems like every few months, and more recently every few weeks, he does something to get himself mentioned.

To remind you of all the reasons why he’s so loved and hated by the art world, today the Tate Modern opens their Damien Hirst exhibit, marking the first career-spanning survey of his work thus far shown in Britain. The show will be comprised of key pieces from the past 20 years, including greatest hits like The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, 1991 (pictured above) and key works from his In and Out of Love (like Sympathy in White Major – Absolution II, 2006, topmost image) and Pharmacy series’.

Damien Hirst at the Tate Modern runs from April 4 – September 9, 2012.

From the Tate Modern site:

This will be the first substantial survey of his work in a British institution and will bring together key works from over twenty years. The exhibition will include iconic sculptures from his Natural Historyseries, including The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living 1991, in which he suspended a shark in formaldehyde. Also included will be vitrines such as A Thousand Years from 1990, medicine cabinets, pill cabinets and instrument cabinets in addition to seminal paintings made throughout his career using butterflies and flies as well as spots and spins. The two-part installation In and Out of Love, not shown in its entirety since its creation in 1991 and Pharmacy 1992 will be among the highlights of the exhibition.

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