Exhibition: Maya Hayuk & Jacob Ciocci at Cooper Cole

The mind-bending visuals of Maya Hayuk‘s Multi Versus opens tonight at Cooper Cole gallery in Toronto, accompanied by Jacob Ciocci‘s multimedia installation, Experience the Creativity.

Multi Versus / Experience the Creativity
Cooper Cole Gallery
1161 Dundas St. W

Read on for more information, courtesy of Cooper Cole.

MAYA HAYUK is a muralist, painter, photographer, printmaker, video artist and musician. Her art practice has carried her between San Fransisco, Baltimore, Boston, Toronto and New York. This changing environment has inspired her explosive works of art from large scale murals, to slightly more modest works on cavas. Hayuk explores electric colour, distorted symmetry and unusual geommetry that tends to resemble kaledescopic views, airbrushed nail art, Mexican woven blankets, Ukrainian Easter eggs, chandeliers, mandalas, Rorschach tests, holograms, or even views from the Hubble telescope. The precise and calculated lines in her brushstrokes become an essential element in the unpredictable symmetry that results.

Her work has been exhibited extensively internationally including at New Image Art (Los Angeles), A.L.IC.E. (Brussels), COOPER COLE (Toronto), as well as large-scale public murals across the United States, Brazil, China, the Bahamas, and Chile. Her work has been featured in in various printed and electronic media including monographs published by Ginko Press and Nieves. Hayuk was a participant at Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, 2011.

COOPER COLE will welcome works by Hayuk which she herself describes as “bright, massive, intricate, and joyful.” The exhibiton will feature one of her signature wall installations, paired with a new body of works on canvas.

One of the three founding members of internationally recognized artist collective Paper Rad, Jacob Ciocci is a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on new media, music, visual and performance art. Ciocci’s work explores pop culture, Internet technology, and notions of supremacy. He seeks to understand the affect of electronics and cyberspace on modern society. His work pits both contemporary and past cultural symbols against each other in both an experimental and animated environment. The clash results in both praise and criticism of our cultural surroundings.

Jacob Ciocci’s exhibition aptly titled Experience the Creativity will feature a series of mixed media collages paired with a video installation.

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