Case Study: An Elderly Woman’s Misguided Foray into Art Restoration

Staff members of the Santuario de Misericodia church in Borja, Spain came across a rather unpleasant surprise in the archives of their art collection early last week.

A 19th-century painting by Elias Garcia Martinez, ‘Ecce Homo,’ had been amateurishly “restored” by an elderly woman who evidently has had zero formal training in visual art.

The noncommissioned touch-ups to the painting involved completely painting over the face of Jesus, obliterating any semblance to a recognizable human face.

The case is being taken in rather good humour because it is thought that the woman had set out with the best of intentions and only wished to bring the painting back to it’s former glory, not to destroy it; it has even sparked a petition to save her version of the work from being properly restored.

Click here for a report from The Guardian detailing the case.