Video: The Animations of David Shrigley

The dark and brilliant world of David Shrigley comes to life in the video above, entitled “Who I Am and What I Want.” Co-directed by Shrigley & filmmaker Chris Shepherd, the animation is based on Shrigley’s book of the same name. The video was commissioned by the Animate Projects, and funded by the Arts Council England and Channel 4.

Watch more animations by Shrigley by checking out his Youtube channel.

Case Study: David Shrigley to Grace High Line Billboard (NYC)

ARTINFO has reported that David Shrigley will be the next artist to be displayed on the massive, 25′ x 75′ billboard that sits above Manhattan’s High Line at 18th Street and Tenth Avenue. The highly coveted space, formerly used for advertising, will debut Shrigley’s piece entitled How Are You Feeling (pictured above) on April 5 and will be on display until May 7.