Case Study: Historians Claim Discovery of 100 Unseen Caravaggio Paintings

Art historians in Italy are claiming they have discovered 100 previously unseen works by Caravaggio, one of the great master painters of the Renaissance. In an article published in the UK’s Telegraph, it was stated that the historians have been working secretly for the past two years rigorously analyzing the pieces for similarities to known Caravaggio paintings, and are now sure enough in their findings to assert that the 100 works were in fact painted by him. They believe them to have been created during his early years  as an apprentice under the Mannerist painter Simone Peterzano, between 1584-1588. If found to be genuinely authentic, the sketches and paintings have an estimated worth of well over 800 million USD.

Read on for an article from The Telegraph debating the possible authenticity of these findings.

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