Exhibitions: Toronto Gallery Listings

After the dry spell of summer, the Toronto art community is gearing up for a busy autumn season with the majority of galleries preparing for September exhibition openings. The following list presents The Ministry’s recommendations of the most hotly anticipated shows.

Get out your calendars then check out the list after the jump!

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Exhibition: Luke Painter’s “Anterior” at Le Gallery

Later this year, in November, members of The Ministry of Artistic Affairs will be visiting the studio of Toronto artist Luke Painter.  Painter’s current exhibition, “Anterior”, is on view at Le Gallery in Toronto.  The show presents a series of mostly very-large drawings made laboriously with india-ink on rich archival paper, all of which display Painter’s impressive use of line as he explores themes of historic architecture and industrialization. Writing in Canadian Art magazine, Mariam Nader discusses how this exhibition “could be viewed as a study of the broader scope of ornamental art history, and the painstaking hours of production as an act of visual research.”

Luke Painter
Le Gallery
1183 Dundas Street West, Toronto
May 2-27, 2012

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Exhibition: Matt Bahen at LE Gallery

Toronto-based painter Matt Bahen debuts his series After Wolves this Friday, March 2 at LE Gallery in Toronto. His large canvases feature dogs roaming barren, wintery landscapes or inside decrepit, unattended buildings; the sense of quiet and stillness that emanates from each piece is decidedly melancholic. This will be Bahen’s first solo exhibition at LE.

After Wolves runs from March 2 – March 31, 2012. For more information about the opening on Friday night, check out the Facebook page for the event.