The Ministry of Artistic Affairs
Dialogue: Don Thompson
Dialogue: Don Thompson
September 30th, 2010 5:00pm - September 30th, 2010 6:00pm
Why would a someone pay $12 million for a taxidermic shark? How does a Jackson Pollock painting sell for $140 million? What factors set the price of art?

The Ministry invites members to an exclusive talk with acclaimed author Don Thompson. In his book "The $12 Million Stuffed Shark: The Curious Economics of Contemporary Art", Don Thompson writes about auction houses, dealers, and collectors and uncovers the strategies that power the art market. The conversation will discuss branding, marketing and how various strategies are used to make or break an artist's career.

Author Don Thompson will present an exclusive lecture about the findings of his book and members will come away with an understanding of the art market and the ways in which monetary value is applied to contemporary art.

Georgia Scherman Projects
133 Tecumseth Street
Toronto, Ontario
Canada (Map)

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Limited to 50 members, priority by RSVP

Registration will be available to members one week before the event.