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Studio:  Steve Driscoll
Studio: Steve Driscoll
March 15th, 2012 7:00pm - March 15th, 2012 9:00pm
Condensing the essence of the Canadian landscape into hallucinatory and spiritualised paintings, Toronto-based artist Steve Driscoll brings forward the energy of the Group of Seven painters but updates their intent with a contemporary palette and heightened colour effects. Though he works in the mainstream of this most-important and traditional of Canadian artistic genres, Driscoll's use of urethane-based paint is a highly unusual way to render a nostalgic and intimate view of nature. Driscoll has mastered this fluid and very toxic medium and refined a process whereby he can handle the material safely to control its application on panel boards. The results are unique; appearing wet and glossy with a special transparent luminosity, the birch trees, isolated cabins, slow-falling snows, portages, and flowers seen in his works speak of the Canadian back-country in a fresh and optimistic way.

A graduate of Toronto's own OCAD University (2002), Driscoll made a name for himself shortly after finishing school, recognized by fellow artists for his abstract works. However, by 2008 he had made a transition to landscape painting -- his work showing the rich influence of J .M. W. Turner's atmospheric and sublime interpretations of the natural world -- and he is now admired for his ongoing contributions to the landscape genre.

Represented by Angell Gallery in Toronto, Driscoll has been exhibiting consistently since 2001 with shows in Toronto, St. Johns, Vancouver and internationally in Denmark and New York City. He has kindly invited members of The Ministry into his studio to learn about his production methods, his intent, and his deep attachment to the natural world.

Artist's Studio
122 Geary Ave.
Toronto, Ontario, M6H 2Y1
Canada (Map)

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