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Studio:  Luke Painter and Faith La Rocque
Studio: Luke Painter and Faith La Rocque
November 14th, 2012 7:00pm - November 14th, 2012 9:00pm
Members of The Ministry are invited to spend the evening at the studios of Toronto-based artists (and spouses) Luke Painter and Faith La Rocque.

A graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2001 and also holding a Masters degree from Concordia University (2005), Luke Painter is a multi-disciplinary artist who is best known for his very large scale ink-on-paper drawings. His recent drawings of wooden huts, cottages, churches and castles built in the middle of half-destroyed forests appear at first to be woodcut prints but all the lines are carefully drawn, resulting in impressive, highly detailed renderings. Painter's works are softly environmentalist, referencing the necessary destruction and exploitation of our natural resources in order to build our living and working spaces. In addition to his practice drawing, he continues to work in digital animation, painting, printmaking and sculpture. Together with Meera Singh, he also produces an ongoing Karaoke project called K-Town in which local artists are invited to make original Karaoke videos for popular music. The videos are presented along with the necessary Karaoke machinery in public spaces that are thereby transformed into singing lounges. Painter, who teaches at the Ontario College of Art and Design, is represented in Toronto by LE Gallery, in Denver by Plus Gallery, and in Marseille by Bonneau-Samames Art Contemporain. He is a recipient of grants from the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council and was included in the important national survey exhibition of Canadian painters, Carte Blanche Vol. 2.

Conceptual artist Faith La Rocque holds a Masters degree in Fine Art Tapestry from Edinburgh College of Art (2006). Her work is known for the manner in which she will use whatever materials are necessary in order to bring her ideas to reality. Himalayan salt, goldfish, aquatic plants, and linen sacks filled with buckwheat and bergamot are more likely to take centre stage in her constructions than oil paint and canvas. Though she is concerned with aesthetics, her work also seeks to incorporate the non-visual senses such as touch and smell. She uses various means to explore the cycle of life in her assemblages and has been known to investigate the unscientific pursuit of alternative health practices in Western popular culture. Like her husband, Luke Painter, La Rocque has received important awards from the Canada Council for the Arts and has been included in museum exhibitions such as the Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art (2011) and the Minokamo Woodland Gallery in Minokamo, Japan (2010).

Painter and La Rocque will graciously welcome members of The Ministry of Artistic Affairs into the studios beside their home in Toronto to present newest their work, discuss their artistic practices, and tell stories about what happens in a marriage when both participants are contemporary artists.

Location details to be provided to members of The Ministry after reservation.

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